Safepad was set up to provide a simple and affordable service to parents with one aim: to make your child's iPad or tablet

completely safe from the nastier aspects of the internet (inappropriate content, costly in-app purchases, etc.)

Our direct service is tailored to individual needs, quick, professional and even educational, leaving you in complete control of

your child's devices. We u
se a combination of tried and tested apps, settings, configuration, advice and guidance so that

Safepad can ensure a parent has total control over their child's device(s) and confidence that their children are safe when

using them.

As well as offering direct services to parents Safepad also offers workshops and services promoting best practice and

eSafety for children to educational institutions and activity groups.


For parents what we offer you as a service is a combination of tried and tested

sandboxes & apps, configuration of your device, advice and recommendations

following Safepad's best practice for keeping your children (and your wallet!)

completely safe.

Safepad can now configure your devices remotely meaning parents outside of

Worcestershire can benefit from our direct service.

For educational institutions and activity groups, Safepad runs workshops on best

practise and eSafety, aimed at parents and those involved in running group activities for children.

Please contact us for details of the range of services Safepad can offer and also see our blogspot at


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